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New concerts in the concert sesssion & we finished the clip to "ships" a Song from the "fires in the tundra of our hearts"...
Yes :)
Opener for Rufus Wainwraight at Stimmenfestival
and other concerts im Viertel (Trogen), Luz Bistro (Luzern), Palais Noir (Reinach) & pontographe...
Opener for the fantastic Stereophonics in Zürich :) Great band, great sound, great thing for me :)

and more shows fixed, will upload them soon. Cheerio
The Clip is broadcasted by : MTV Switzerland, VIVA Swiss, SF 1
And Playlist or Airplay on several Swiss Radios like: Basilik, Swiss Pop, SFR 3, RTR, Radio X, Zürisee and more

new concerts...
Video finished - release 21.1.13
LP finished - release 8.3.13
the brotherhood of love - redesigned with Mimi :)

world beware of the tundra...
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